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Member Benefits and Services

Support – MOSHAPE leaders constantly seek program support through collaborative efforts with educational and child-serving associations

Advocacy – MOSHAPE provides a voice for members relating to issues of local, state and national interest.  The Advocacy section of our website provides highly detailed information to assist you in creating and using advocacy campaigns.

Active Engagement – Social media sites and activities  are daily actions carefully planned to serve members and allow for member posting that informs and shares information.

Networking – The MOSHAPE website allows access to different circles, committees, blogs and other processes for connecting with colleagues throughout the state.  Regular messaging is designed to keep members informed of important information and issues.

Professional Development – A variety of PD opportunities exist, allowing members to gather together at Conventions and Workshops while also providing a catalog of webinars, Zoom meetings, podcasts and other media to be viewed  upon demand.

Access to experts and resources needed in your work – MOSHAPE consistently brings national and state leaders to you through Zoom meetings, webinars, and Social Media postings.  Additionally, advertising and promotional efforts are provided by vendors.

Promoting and Fundraising – MOSHAPE currently holds a prominent position in program promotion through many actions.  We partner with SHAPE America in promoting the health.moves.minds program that provides outstanding teaching resources and the opportunity to significantly assist fundraising for your school’s budget needs.

Assist in Planning - Through the use of Resources found on the website and PD opportunities, MOSHAPE assists in creating curricula that is standards-based and reflects Best Practices.